You Say You Want A Revolution...

Im Nate i live in columbus ohio. im a huge movie buff! i listen to just about any music! i make my own beats and i make some youtube videos as well.i smoke,drink,hackey sack,and skateboard. im a funny guy get to know me! hit the ask box or just chill and check out my blog whichever is cool.


well there goes my night

stayed up till midnight…thought id get to skype with her…

my night

final fantsy 7,weed , and breaking bad. lets take my mind off things..

love is such a grand adventure

not only have i fallen in love. im more then a 100% sure shes the one. ice never been so sure of something in my life until now. she is perfection in every sense of the word.

ive fallen

head over heels in love with this woman. i havent felt so sure about anything like i do this. i want to spend every second i can with her. this girl is like a drug and hell i dont ever want to come down from this feeling. i love her with all my heart. and the best thing is, she loves me too.

she is perfect

i havent met someone i was so in sync with like i am with her. nothing will stop me from being with her. ill fight to the last breath for her. no matter what she makes me smile.i have to admit its been a really long time since ive been this happy. and my feelings for her grow stronger each day. i think yhe world of her and honestly even if i told her everyday that shea beautiful and that i think shes amazing it wouldent be nearly enough to express how i truley feel about her.


not only have i had feelings for her for awhile now, i found out last night shes into me as well. its pretty fuckin awesome

she is

amazing in every way. if i wasent so tierd i could sit here and write a paragraph or  2 listing why shes so  amazing. i have yet to meet anyone like her and i love it. her smile alone can brighten my day

justamadmanwithab0x asked
love the blog and the pics ;) you have an amazing body


But but but guess what? I love you!!! Btw, snapchat is clutching, but I’ll be able to Skype in just a few!

as you can tell

my nights include smoking,more smoking, and a good amount of gaming with friends hahahwe